At PYNRS, we care a lot about the environment and sustaining it.
This is why we make our fabrics out of recycled nylon and elastane.
Our fabrics allow you to perform better while preserving the environment.
As a newly established brand, we strive to be PYNRS (pi.o.neer.s) not only at serving diverse people but by being kind to the environment too. This is why we source our recycled nylon from tons of waste, even fishing nets. Still, it offers excellent stretch, breathability, and wicking to keep you on top of your game.
Join Our Community as we design diverse wears that sustain the planet.


We source the fabrics in most of our collection from two mills in Italy. These mills share our commitment to sustainability and green entrepreneurship. Here’s how.


Our sources use electricity from renewable resources to produce our fabrics. Our mills optimize the manufacturing process to reduce energy consumption. They also cut down on energy by co-generating electricity.


The heat from our production process goes back to power the premises of our mills. So these mills produce quality fabrics while reducing carbon emissions in the environment.


Our mills recycle, re-use, and recover 99% of waste materials. That’s a lot of would-be garbage. Better yet, we cut down waste by reducing the materials that go into packaging


Our mills adopt a high-tech system that reduces polluting agents in our wastewater. We also harvest and re-use rainwater in the production of our fabrics. Every drop counts, and we recycle 63.3% of the water from the production process.


We share a commitment to preserving clean air. This is why our mills use last-generation plants to reduce emission values. Our emissions levels are ten times lower than statutory limits.


Our materials play a major role in our journey to sustain the environment. It accounts for a larger percentage of any product’s footprints. This is why our fabrics come from recycled products like plastics and fishing nets.

Recycled Nylon

Our recycled nylon comes from tons of plastics and fishing nets found in oceans. We sort, clean, and convert our nylon into flakes before recycling them. This process avoids 50% of carbon emissions while using less energy. So our nylon keeps you comfortable while cleaning the environment.

Merino Wool

This natural and soft fabric comes from the Merino sheep. It is elastic enough to stretch and odor-resistant. Even better, it absorbs sweat and moisture during hectic workouts. There’s no need to worry about feeling wet.


We use elastane to design breathable and stretchy wears that enhance your performance. Not only does this fabric offer heat resistance but also UV protection to keep you active on hot days. Plus, it’s soft against your skin.