Cesar’s Running Story: Fatherhood, A Warm Shower, and New Horizons

Cesar Fuentes found running later in life - and his run crew even later. We discover why this self-motivated self-starter credits his running crew with opening up a whole new world.

From Sleepwalking Through Life to Inspiring a Community: Audri’s Running Story
How joining a truly inclusive running community helped Audri Orr leave behind her “too comfortable” life, overcome bereavement and become a pioneer in her local running community.
Stay On Pace w/ Coach Sid

I’m on a mission to bring running to everyBODY, and have some fun along the way. 

PACE makes personalized coaching and adaptive technology accessible to all athletes pursuing fitness goals.

From the court to the track - How Lionel Brahim Brodie created Philly's most inclusive run club

"You run for fun? That’s the dumbest s*** ever." 

Growing up in West Philly, with no running idols he could relate to, Brodie didn't think running was ever a sport he would be a part of.

Fast-forward to today and Brodie has cultivated a truly inclusive running community in Philadelphia and become a champion of a diverse running community.