The 2048 Tee Collab - PYNRS Performance Streetwear

The 2048 Tee Collab

You know we love a dope boutique. Of course as we're exploring a city, we have to get to know as many retailers as we can. You might call it an obsession, but I call it enthusiasm. Chicago is no different and has no shortage of stores that offer small local and emerging brands a platform. 2048 is one such shop.

2048 storefront:

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"Our vision is to create a space where local talent can live inside of a retail environment."

This is a vision we can get down with. Building a retail brand is HARD, and it’s people like the team behind 2048 that are making it just a little easier for local talent.

We were lucky enough to set up our Chicago Marathon pop-up in their space and thought wait… shouldn't we have a collab? Of course we should.

Enter, the PYNRS x 2048 marathon tee available exclusively at our pop-up.

Shirt mockup:

We love the minimalism of this tee. We think you will too. Come by our marathon pop-up to cop yours.

Pop-up Details:

Where: 2048 W. Chicago Avenue

When: 10.4.22 — 10.11.22