Leavemieralone - DJ Spotlight #1 - PYNRS Performance Streetwear

Leavemieralone - DJ Spotlight #1

We are hype to introduce our new monthly playlist series. Each month we will be talking to sound selectors from all over the world, listening to how their lives are impacted by movement on and off the dance floor. Oh and we had each of them throw together some heat for us as well. To kick the series off, we got to know Jamier aka leavemieralone!

How long have you been DJing and where are you based?

I’ve been DJing for about 10 years now and I am based in Philly and NY, but more NY now.

What music do you typically spin? 

My favorite type of music to play right now is house, rap, and party music (others may know it as Baltimore, philly, jersey club). Lately I’ve been really into UK garage and 80-90s freestyle.

What's the coolest place you've played and do you currently have any residencies anywhere?

The coolest spot to me was under the I-95 highway in philly for a diy Philly party and played to a crowd of 2,000 people. No one involved expected that. 

One residency in philly with my loves @magglezzz and @6soup6 at the dolphin. Please come find me and give me a hug.

Currently no residencies in ny but had a meeting last week on one so working on it. 

Did you workout today? 

Did I workout today? Yes!

I try to workout everyday. I feel it’s essential to my mental health. 

What music do you listen to during your workouts (if you workout) And how do you feel about music and moving your body in general?

When I workout, I do not need hype music at all. I like the complete opposite, like RnB or a chill dance track with easy playful words. 

If I am DJing or at a party, yes, I want to hear a high intensity track but working out to me is so meditative. No matter if I am running, in the gym or doing Muay Thai, I prefer chilling music.

Talk to us about your process when sound selecting for a playlist or mix.

My thought process when creating a playlist is very similar to how I dj. It's all about the experience. I want to take people on a tour and guide them through sounds. Take them to places they know, challenge them, and take them to beautiful places they have never been to. A curated set list should take you up and down like a roller coaster and not be too consistent cause that is not fun.   

What is your personal hope for this year?

My personal hope for this year is to build a big enough dancing army and have a massive group of people all dancing at the same time to party music. The other is to put out multiple original party music classics!