A Health Club, Anywhere - PYNRS Performance Streetwear

A Health Club, Anywhere

There's something about seeing live music in a non-traditional space. Of course we'd vibe smack dab in the crowd of an intimate music venue. Of course. But… what about a house show in your neighbor's backyard? Or a secret gig in an abandoned warehouse? That sounds preeeeetty dope. This isn’t just about upping your coolness factor, it’s also about uniting communities and creating more opportunities for up-and-coming artists.

You're asking yourself, why are they talking about music? Okay, so take that idea and swap artists out with runners. Fitness anywhere, anytime. Think of the possibilities. We love a good health club, but sometimes (always) our wallets don’t. So why not remove the traditional barriers to entry and turn your city into an outdoor gym? PYNRS was born out of a similar idea. It's a fun (if we do say so ourselves) community — a way to explore your city and feel damn good at the same time. That's a win-win in our book.

As much as we like to think run = life, we like to get a good workout too. We did some digging to see how other people turn their city into their own personal gym and found a nice roundup of workouts from Healthline. Thirteen outdoor workout ideas to be precise. We also pulled up a 12-minute HIIT workout from SELF that you can do anywhere. So get out there (if you want, no pressure), find a park bench, and get going.